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Friday, June 3, 2016

Summary of June 1 Job Fair in downtown PDX

Thank you to Eliminati member Leo Frishberg for the bulk of this summary, which I reworked.  -rvireday

In sum, it was a much better outcome than many expected going in. We very much appreciate amount of work that Silicon Florist put the thing together and that the community came out.
  • NOISY - really noisy - suspect we were at times at the 90+ decibel level of noise - hard concrete floor and hard concrete low ceiling with hundreds of people.
  • Some surprising companies were there - ones people haven't seen at other job fairs - notably, W+K, Nike, SpaceX, Daimler.
  • People picked up business cards and left resumes from organizations they normally wouldn't have considered.  Very diverse group of companies.
  • Of the 60+/- tables being staffed, a handful were for starting careers in Insurance or Financial sales, placement firms, PSU and so forth, reducing the core firms to 40+/-
  • It's always interesting to learn what the recruiters think the audience will be. Who do these companies think Intel employees are? Clearly a strong emphasis on engineering, which isn't off target, but many of these firms also need other folks, like Project Management, Marketing and UX, among many other disciplines - and some weren't quite prepared for that breadth of talent in the room. It's fair to say, Intel employed a lot of different disciplines, not just engineering!
  • People spent some time networking with old co-workers and other Eliminati. It was like a high school reunion, or perhaps more accurately, a reunion of survivors of some traumatic event - which of course it was. So, the swirl of emotions, contained and constrained because it was a professional job-seeking event, made for a complicated dynamic.
  • Then there were existing still-employed Intel workers who were waiting for the axe to fall. If it hadn't come already, they figured it would in a month or so. So they were hedging their bets

FYI – next time can we come out to the ‘burbs?   Usually has better parking… (-:

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