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Friday, June 3, 2016

Summary of June 1 Job Fair in downtown PDX

Thank you to Eliminati member Leo Frishberg for the bulk of this summary, which I reworked.  -rvireday

In sum, it was a much better outcome than many expected going in. We very much appreciate amount of work that Silicon Florist put the thing together and that the community came out.
  • NOISY - really noisy - suspect we were at times at the 90+ decibel level of noise - hard concrete floor and hard concrete low ceiling with hundreds of people.
  • Some surprising companies were there - ones people haven't seen at other job fairs - notably, W+K, Nike, SpaceX, Daimler.
  • People picked up business cards and left resumes from organizations they normally wouldn't have considered.  Very diverse group of companies.
  • Of the 60+/- tables being staffed, a handful were for starting careers in Insurance or Financial sales, placement firms, PSU and so forth, reducing the core firms to 40+/-
  • It's always interesting to learn what the recruiters think the audience will be. Who do these companies think Intel employees are? Clearly a strong emphasis on engineering, which isn't off target, but many of these firms also need other folks, like Project Management, Marketing and UX, among many other disciplines - and some weren't quite prepared for that breadth of talent in the room. It's fair to say, Intel employed a lot of different disciplines, not just engineering!
  • People spent some time networking with old co-workers and other Eliminati. It was like a high school reunion, or perhaps more accurately, a reunion of survivors of some traumatic event - which of course it was. So, the swirl of emotions, contained and constrained because it was a professional job-seeking event, made for a complicated dynamic.
  • Then there were existing still-employed Intel workers who were waiting for the axe to fall. If it hadn't come already, they figured it would in a month or so. So they were hedging their bets

FYI – next time can we come out to the ‘burbs?   Usually has better parking… (-:


  1. I don't know if this was posted elsewhere, but there was a list of companies that were "supporting" the event posted at https://github.com/piepdx/intel-outside/blob/master/companies.md. Personally, I spent several hours prior to the event going through all the jobs available at those companies. Of the 106 companies under the "Companies" heading, I found many great jobs and am still finishing applying for all the jobs I was interested in. Of the 12 companies I wanted to talk to at the event, only 4 were actually there, and 2 were gone by the time I arrived at 3:30. One of those just told me to submit my resume online so the job fair was useless from that perspective. So, if you didn't look through the list, be sure you do so.

  2. @Rob I was a co-organizer at the Job Fair. That list is excellent. Here's another that parses the jobs for about 100 of those companies for you.


    We used this list to direct people at the Job Fair. It'll get stale over the next few weeks, but it's a place to start. Enjoy!


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