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Monday, June 20, 2016

Management Theory is What Happens to Philosophers When You Pay Them Too Much

In a centerpiece article in the Atlantic Magazine, entitled The Management Myth, Matthew Stewart has written about the roots and fallacies of management theory. This is not an attack on managers or their conduct, but rather a summary of how we got to today's management practices. How the premise of performance management, based on management theories learned in business school is mostly heuristic and hollow when it comes to delivery of results.

Here is a quote from the article:
"Next to analysis, communication skills must count among the most important for future masters of the universe. To their credit, business schools do stress these skills, and force their students to engage in make-believe presentations to one another. On the whole, however, management education has been less than a boon for those who value free and meaningful speech. M.B.A.s have taken obfuscatory jargon—otherwise known as bullshit—to a level that would have made even the Scholastics blanch. As students of philosophy know, Descartes dismantled the edifice of medieval thought by writing clearly and showing that knowledge, by its nature, is intelligible, not obscure."

I highly recommend reading the full article, which can be found through this link:

The Management Myth

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