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Welcome To Our Workers Rights Mutual Support Community Web Site
(Formerly Known As "The Intel Eliminati" - TIE)

First Steps

Now What?

You have been laid off. You have been forced to retire early. Your projects have been canceled. Your "voluntary separation" offer was updated to the mandatory plan. Whatever the cause, we have gathered some information on this site to help you.

First, read the package that Intel has given you. Not all the programs are the same, so you should read carefully to understand what benefits you have been offered. The packages may have a checklist for you to review for benefits and insurance. Work through that checklist and do not skip items.  Make your own list of items that YOU need to take care of.

In addition to that list, below is a checklist of items for you to do while you are still an employee and have access to Circuit on the corporate intranet. Complete the following:
  • Login to all the key intranet websites before you leave and save your information.
    • This includes UBS, Cigna, My Health, My SPP, etc.
    • Save copies (print or PDF) of key records.
    • Go to My SPP on Circuit to print your SPP documents.
      • Right now, this would be for February 2016 purchases.
      • Current donations will be refunded as you will not have an August purchase.
      • You will want this for tax purposes in 2017.
  • Print your paystubs
    • HR can send these to you but you should print out your paystubs so you have copies before you go.
    • If you have not, get your W-2 Breakdown.  This is important at tax time.  You may have to request this year's from HR after you leave.
  • Add a personal email to Fidelity, UBS, My Health, etc.
    • These sites use your corporate email by default so will not get any emails once you have left.
    • Password resets go to the default email and if this is your corporate account you will not get the email after you leave.
    • Do you have an outside group that you use your work e-mail as a contact?  Might want to change that ASAP.   e.g.   American Red Cross, your local Library, your Vet??
  • Cell Phone
    • Do you have a phone that your group pays for?  You might be asked to return that as part of your leaving.  Do you have your personal information off of it?  Contacts, Photos, Bookmarks?
  • Matching Gifts.  
    • Make any matching gifts to charity before your last day and save a copy (print or PDF) for your records.
  • Volunteer Hours
    • If you do volunteer work, also enter your volunteer hours.
  • Copy your personal files including website bookmarks, links, contacts, pictures, etc.
    • While IT will help you copy personal files, doing it ahead of time when you are not rushed ensures you will have time to review.
    • Do not copy any corporate material, just personal files.
    • Do not worry about cleaning your machine as IT will wipe it when you return it.
  • Health Benefits - make sure your selections are correct and accurate!
    • This will help if you take COBRA coverage later.
  • Submit any expense reports and get them approved and paid.
    • If you have a corporate credit card or purchase card, turn it and deactivate it.
    • Confirm afterwards with American Express that it is closed and there is no balance.
  • Goodie Drawer Credit Card - Keep this and use up the funds.
    • There is a number on the back you can call to check the balance.
    • Some of the VSP/ISP offers will put extra funds on this card, so you will want to keep it for a while after you leave.
    • Note: it will start charging you monthly fees after 3-4 months.  So, use up the funds before then.
  • Employee Purchase Program (EPP) 
    • Purchase anything you want from EPP before you leave.
    • You will not be able to purchase after you leave, unless you qualify for Retirement.
  • Focal and Stock Letters - Go to the Electronic Document Archive (EDA) and save the last five years of Focal reviews so you have these at hand.
    • Intel does not keep old pay letters on file. If you want these, keep your copies from Focal.
    • You can request your Intel file afterward if you live in states like OR or AZ.  But Intel won't typically give you the entire file.  You may have to submit multiple requests, especially if you have been employed longer than 7 years.
  • Internal Employment History - Don't forget to get your Internal Employment History.
    • This can be accessed from Circuit.
    • Should have Job Title, Start Date, Duration, etc.

Get started on these right away!   Even if you are still at Intel, maybe you should plan to do this every December, before Focal hunting season starts!


Update your profile! This is what most employers will look at first these days so make a good impression and have people look at your profile and give you feedback. Start with the basics and edit it over time. Remember it is not a copy of your resume; it is more informal and you should focus on the last 10-15 years of work. It does not have to be perfect at first. Plan to revise it more frequently.

Also you should add a photograph and make it a good, professional-type headshot.


If you do not have an updated resume, make one. Styles have changed so if you are working with a career coach listen to their advice. Some key points at this time are:
  • Do not go back longer than 15 years of job history.
  • Omit months for work history and years for education.  Yes, Ageism is a real problem.
  • Do not have an objective but use the more modern summary and areas for expertise.
  • Listen to different people about your resume.  Getting multiple viewpoints is very useful, but you do have to pick and choose the feedback you will use.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile with necessary changes.  Keep LinkedIn more informal.
References:  Also, ask people you want to use for recommendations for their permission. In return, do not forget to write and recommend others too.  Be as friendly to your friends as they are to you.

    Last updated: 2017-03-13 

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