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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Idiot Government - Revisited

Several weeks ago I reported on this web site about the bizarre behavior of Oregon State government, regarding the use of  the title "engineer" in public communication and the arcane way in which the state is serving the entrenched interests of professional guilds (see: Idiot Government Oregon State Idea of Engineering Is Not Keeping Up With The Times).

I am happy to report that Mats Järlström's case apparently received national attention, mostly due to the ludicrous and disproportionate reaction of the State of Oregon and now, it is being looked at in Federal Court, as a First Amendment issue.

While the legal proceedings are taking place, the court decided that Mats is entitled to call himself an "engineer", until the court resolves the issue and produces a judgment. Here is a quote from the court order:

Plaintiff Järlström may study, communicate publicly about, and communicate privately his theories relating to traffic lights throughout the pendency of this litigation as long as [his] communications occur outside the context of a paid employment or contractual relationship," Anna Brown, a federal district court judge for the district of Oregon, ordered. He "may describe himself publicly and privately using the word 'engineer' throughout the pendency of this litigation.

You can read about the pending legal process on the Motherboard web site at this link:
Oregon Man Fined for Writing 'I Am an Engineer' Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an 'Engineer'

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