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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Intel CEO: 'Rebuilding trust' is top priority after wrenching job cuts


Trust is earned, Sir, and, while it is earned over time, it can be lost very quickly.

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  1. If you remember, Intel announced that they will not run the Organization Health Survey (OHS) during BK's first year in office. I believe that there was no precedence to this happening before. When they conducted the OHS the following year (after the GPTW fiasco), they refused to share the full report with the employees. The only facts that came through, by means of a blog article on "Inside Blue" that Richard Taylor (HR Director) posted. Richard spoke of two findings:
    only 61% of respondents believed that there is trust within the company
    only 60% of respondents believed that they have a chance of being promoted within the company
    Why did they hide the rest of the facts? You tell me.

    One of my former managers worked with BK in New Mexico at the time that BK was a first level manager. My manager told me about BK and his "king of the hill" behavior immediately after BK became CEO and he immediately became worried about company future. This was long time before any layoffs were on the horizon. Apparently BK exhibited a "Super Chicken" behavior as early as those days and pecked everyone around him on his way to the top. With such a long history of devouring his colleagues, I doubt that he can change his character. In BK's terms "trust" means "follow me blindly to a dark corner, where I can peck you to death", buk, buk buk bk bk.

    Does anyone on this list really want to go back and work for Intel while the current management team is running the show? If you still do, get ready by sharpening your beak.


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