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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Portland jury awards $1.2 million to laid off engineer for age discrimination

In spite of all the fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) that is constantly spread around by agents of the rich and powerful, employees do win their law suits against their employers, in cases involving age discrimination. In an article in the OregonianLive blog, Aimee Green, is reporting about a jury trial in which Joseph Loczi, a 57 year old engineer who contended that he was fired from Daimler Trucks North America for age discrimination reasons, won a $1,200,000 monetary award.

Loczi sued his employer, claiming that he was fired due to his age and claimed that the company layoff action was aimed at getting rid of its aging workforce. The company's position was that they fired Loczi for performance reasons.

For many of us the Intel Corp. layoffs of 2015 and 2016 bear very close similarity of facts.

Note that Loczi, in filing his suit in October 2014, claimed the restructuring was a "pilot project" designed "to get rid of older workers and make room for younger employees.". The Intel Corp. layoffs of 2015 bear uncanny resemblance to this case, with 2016 layoffs being the "major operation". 

Read the full article using the link below.

Wake up and smell the roses.

--Dr Flywheel

jury awards $1.2 million to aging Daimler engineer who says he was cast aside like old toy

The Portland Business Journal covered the same case through it own independent article:


Note this earlier article that covered the law suit before the court proceedings took place:

Former Daimler Trucks North America engineer files age discrimination lawsuit against company

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