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Monday, June 20, 2016

Hillsboro Library Study and Conference Rooms

It takes a little searching to find them, but reservations for rooms at the Hillsboro Main Library and Shute Libraries can be found at the following (obscure) URL.


The Study Rooms hold 4 people comfortably, and the Conference Rooms hold up to 8 seated.  These are free to Library patrons, you just need your Library # and PIN # to reserve them.

The other larger rooms do have a rental fees, but they are pretty reasonable.  There is a 'Room Rental' link on the Study Rooms page above.

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  1. Its and additional benefit when you get state of the art visual presentation equipment in meeting rooms along with all the modern facilities. Some of us have meetings to attend to in a weekly basis and it would be great to have a great Seattle convention center to conduct your meetings.


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