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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Eliminati Poll of members on Financial Knowledge

We took a quick poll of our members, asking them some financial questions.  Some of the results from 48/275 respondents.
  • ~8% feel they do not have a good handle on their Finances.
  • ~30% have never read even one book on Financial topics.
  • Most think they could stop working if they had $2 Million in the bank.
  • Less than half have done any of the 7 Financial Baby Steps.
  • Dealing with the 401(k) ranks high on members interests.

Follow this Link.  The full Survey Results are in a PDF.

Editors' Opinion: Learning Financial Topics is like dealing with Medical issues or walking into a new job for the first time.  There are lots of acronyms and jargon to wade thru and learn.  Write them down and spend time picking them up.

We will continue working to answer many of these questions our members have.  Please check out and comment on the new Finances Page on the public website. http://www.pdx-tie.org/p/finance.html.

And do not be afraid to search the Group postings and ask new questions!  If you have a question, chances are 5 other people have the same question.

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