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Friday, March 24, 2023

Walking on Water


Walking on water, where angels fear to tread

I dream of us marching to the rhythm of a band

The music is thunder, the music of a gale

The wind keeps on blasting and the sky is spitting hail

The chimneys of the sky break open and swell

And the whirlwind is swinging and sounding the bell

The crest of the waves is foaming with pride

They welcome each other with a head-crushing ride

The eye of the storm is conducting the score

It gestures and points the baton to the shore

A platoon of cyclones reacts to the call

They escort the fat lady back to the South Pole

Like all things in life, a peak has been reached

It is time for good nature to return to its creed

The big parade can no longer hold its glory

Time to begin a new chapter of a never-ending story

As if they were walking the plank, right at dawn

The almighty flotilla of breakers is gone

The gold solar ball not a ghost would dare face

Categorically, this was the end of the race

What a show that is was, not a run of the mill

I thank you oh Zeus for the scare and the thrill

Walking on water, keeps my dreams afloat

However I’d rather wake up cheerfully, sailing in a boat!

Copyright(c) 2023 by Ron Tsur