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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Long Held Conspiracy Theory - Confirmed !

H1B Visa Conspiracy is No Longer Just for Breakfast

Many of us have witnessed the growing number of H1B workers joining our ranks in the technology companies where we work. Over the last decade it became clear to most of us that there is a systemic reason behind companies firing veteran tech workers who are 40+ and replacing them with imported cheaper workers. While tech companies continued to cry wolf, about shortage of qualified employees, they did not hesitate to get rid of a growing number of such employees out of their ranks and replace them with foreign workers who were willing to accept low compensation. Though this practice is perfectly legal under the current laws of the U.S., the ethical aspects of this practice are highly questionable. In addition the economic effect of sending qualified older workers into the street, have contributed to the ongoing decimation of the middle class in the U.S.

Until now, all of the above was common knowledge; however, besides bitching around the water cooler, not much has been done in terms of exposing all the facts in this matter. Bringing about a policy correction, regarding importation of foreign workers into the high tech sector was out of reach for U.S. workers because the corporate lobbies were able to get their way, by bribing our elected representatives, through political contributions.

However, recently more information is being brought to public attention, exposing the true nature of the H1B corporate conspiracy.  The information that is used to track H1B Visa transactions comes from U.S. Government sources, primarily the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and is open to the public

The Economic Policy Institute, an independent organization that kept track of H1B transactions over more than a decade, published a report that clearly demonstrates the fact that the H1B program was utilized by various participating companies for exploitation of cheap workforce, rather than for filling the void created by shortage of qualified American workers. You can read the report on the EPI web site at this link: Top 10 H-1B employers are all IT offshore outsourcing firms, costing U.S. workers tens of thousands of jobs.

Quartz India published another article on this same subject, entitled: New data on H-1B visas prove that IT outsourcers hire a lot but pay very little. This article dissects the USCIS data covering the H1B program transactions for 2016. The article presents a conclusive evidence that the H1B remained and is still functioning as a tool for employee exploitation in the high-tech sector.

With many politicians, including president Trump, proclaiming that it is time for our government to work for Americans, it is curious that no material changes for eliminating fraud and employee exploitation are seriously dealt with in the U.S. Congress and Senate. Apparently, the power of money on politics still prevails over the good and prosperity of the citizenry. Yet again, executive bonuses drive the motivation behind corporate policies and the middle class is left to carry the load.