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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pokemon Go Biz Opportunities for Unemployed Tech Workers

Watching the crowd in a park on a lazy summer evening, stumbling thru looking for Pokemon Go, there seems to be several business opportunities at Gym's and other locations of interest.
  • Set up an Ice Cream Stand!
  • Set up a Souvenir and Cell Phone Charging Station!
  • Fence off the Battle Area, and charge admission.  Be sure to have sufficient security to enforce the perimeters
  • Set up an adult bar, adjacent to the kids area
That's just some semi-Legal ideas.  I'm sure there are other more less-legal business opportunities awaiting enterprising individuals.   For instance, what would be the ROI on pickpockets and purse snatchings with such large groups floating by?   And what about the flesh industries?

Go forth, and innovate!

(yours in humor)


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