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Friday, July 1, 2016

Continuing Your Life Insurance - 31 days after Release Agreement

If you got a letter from SECURIAN, do not throw it away!  It is NOT Junk Mail.
It is a notice that you have 31 days to continue your Intel Life Insurance coverage, unchanged.  That means no medical exams, or other rechecking.

Some people use these for Estate Planning too, as a way to pass on money to others without probate.

States other than Oregon might also provide Disability Insurance, in addition to the Life Insurances.

Seriously, calculate the Life Insurance you need, with what you had outside of your work coverage.   And even though you might find these are not the best bargains for you, you can always cancel them later.  Although people who have been signing up, have been seeing that continuing with group coverage is often cost competitive.

So don't wait to decide.   If you threw away your letter, call the phone number listed to get the information again.

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