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Welcome To Our Workers Rights Mutual Support Community Web Site
(Formerly Known As "The Intel Eliminati" - TIE)

Monday, July 11, 2016

This Web Site Coverage Applies to Ex-Intel Employees All around the U.S.

Since questions that we receive from time to time, mostly via email, indicate that there is ambiguity about the locality of our web site and the activities which we support and promote, we would like to clarify our position.

PDX-TIE.ORG is a nation-wide web site. This web site coverage applies to Ex-Intel Employees who are located all around the U.S., regardless of the circumstances of their separation from the company. Though we began our physical meetings and other support activities around the Hillsboro and Portland metropolitan areas in Oregon, our web site is not physically bound to any specific State or geographical area -- everyone is welcome to keep in touch with us, submit articles to our editors and comment on the content presented throughout this web site.

--Dr. Flywheel

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