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Monday, March 13, 2017

Your "Other" Focal Review

Still at Intel?

Brag Sheet and final draft of your Performance Review have been long off with your manager, and now you are just heads down working hard and awaiting your Review before the first April paycheck.  Right?

Have you done your "Other" Focal Review yet?

We have updated our First Steps Page with some changes for 2017.    But the basic information and steps are the same and can be used by anyone as a pre-Review checklist.

Things such as:

  • Gathering Intranet info such as W-2 Breakdowns, SPP summaries, previous reviews, etc.
  • Resumes, LinkedIn advice
  • Matching Gifts, Volunteer Hours
  • Personal Information updates, SERP, RSUs, etc.
  • Healthcare options:   HSA, SERMA, Disability Insurance, etc.

Maybe the "Other" Focal Review should be part of your annual process, while you are waiting for that Exceeds rating.  Or will it be Outstanding with SSL1?   Do you really know what your Review will be?  How much eye contact have you had with your boss or co-workers recently?

Someone once said "Only the Paranoid Survive".   Sometimes that is very good advice.

Good luck.

[The Intel Eliminati, March 2017]

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