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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Intel 2017 cuts have started while recruiting continues

Several of the Intel Eliminati have heard from their colleagues and friends that the 2017 cuts started this past week of April 3.  This coincides with the annual performance reviews, known internally as "Focal Review".

At the same time, many of the Eliminati continue to receive recruiting requests for both full-time and contract positions within the company.   In more than a few cases, the position is with the same team they were on or even the actual position they had left!

We do not yet know the extent of 2017's firings, if it can yet be called a "layoff".  We do know it is worldwide again, and that in some cases whole teams of 10-20 people have been affected.  And like in 2016, by June there will be an increased effort for Voluntary Separations and Early Retirements.

This comes at the same time as other recent news from Intel about finances and compensations, including America's ongoing discussions about H1-B visas,

Our last survey of ex-Intel and Eliminati members found that the median time to get a new job ranged about 8 to 9 months.   Some were faster, some from 2015 even are still looking!  Despite demand in some hot areas like software, it can still take quite some time to get a new position.

--Richard Vireday
Spokesperson for PDX-TIE.org, the Intel Eliminati

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