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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Your Personal Genetic Data Will Soon Be Available To Your Employer

If you believe that GINA (the 2008 genetic privacy and nondiscrimination law) protects your privacy and prevents your personal genetic information from being exposed to your employer's health maintenance plan, then this may no longer be the case.

H.R. 1313 was approved by a House committee on Wednesday, with all 22 Republicans supporting it and all 17 Democrats opposed.

Under provisions of H.R. 1313, your employer will be entitled to demand that you undergo genetic testing and the data collected will be made available to the employer.

Read the text of H.R. 1313 here:

Considering that all data stored in databases could be easily breached, as evidenced from the many reports in the press, it is clear that H.R. 1313 represents a major regression in the struggle for maintaining privacy of personal information. As we have witnessed recently, even the NSA and CIA data has been compromised. In the near future, you might as well attach your DNA test report to your LinkedIn profile.

Fight to protect your rights before loosing them, altogether! Contact your U.S. Congress representative and tell them how you feel about H.R. 1313.

-- Dr. Flywheel

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