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Monday, August 1, 2016

The Future is Already Here
The Low-cost Disposable Employee

Taking the risk that I am providing unintentional advertising to a business entity that I actually despise, I encourage you to look at this web site:


The sales pitch is rather straight forward: companies in the U.S. and other developed countries can have their cake and eat it too. They offer a loyal employee who would work for employers in any domain for $995-$1995/month. Quite lucrative I would say, particularly after watching the 20 minute video interview of Ray Peck, the American CEO of a VxP Pharma pharmaceutical services company, telling about his enchanting experience with his cheap and extremely loyal "virtual employee"...

Neat solution. Not even an H1B visa is required and U.S. employment laws apparently do not apply for this kind of employment relationship.

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--Dr. Flywheel

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