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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eliminati August 2016 Job Survey

We did a brief survey of our members in August. 41 out of 323 Members took the survey, so only a 12% response rate.

Extrapolating, it seems that only about 15% of us have gotten a new job since the layoff?   There seems to be about an equal number who have started their own businesst.  I heard from a few people asking for that option to be added, so the Other option includes some of those responses..

Job Fairs seem to be somewhat mixed on results, at least from this survey.

41 / 323 Members responded

Survey Results


I am Class of 20151229.3%
I am Class of 20162970.7%

Since your ISP/VSP

I am still searching for work2561%
I am officially retired00%
I have found a new permanent job614.6%
I have taken a temporary job, still looking for a permanent job37.3%
I have taken a temporary job, and expect to stay in temporary jobs00%
I have stopped searching for work00%
I have created my own company, and am working for that37.3%
Option 800%

Did you get any followups from the June 1 Job Fair?

Yes, at least one company responded512.2%
No. No followups came from that1741.5%
Maybe. I was contacted, and that may have come from the Job Fair12.4%
I did not attend the June 1 Job Fair.1843.9%

Are you planning to attend the Aug. 24 Job Fair?


If you have taken a new job...

It is in my field and/or line of work533.3%
I have changed my career path16.7%
I have started my own business746.7%
I had to move for my new job213.3%

Is there anything else we should have asked, or wish to discuss? (these comments will be visible to the group)

The flood of applicants in the market, in my opinion, has given the whole job and hiring process a bit of a chill.
Relative Pay? I had to take a substantial pay cut with my new job.
How the new job compares to the old one. In my case the pay is much lower and I have no health benefits.
Questions about pay scale for those who have found new jobs.
Success (or lack thereof) working with recruiters.
How would you rate your current or ongoing job search?
I am relocating from Oregon back to Massachusetts
I'm only working part time less than 40hrs per month and traveling in retirement
August 12, 201627
August 13, 20164
August 14, 20163
August 15, 20164
August 17, 20163

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