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Sunday, August 14, 2016

August Job Fair; Unemployment Claims; Job Survey


The combined Hillsboro + Workforce Job Fair continues to grow.  We are hoping to have 25-30 hiring companies, and a few staffing firms as well.

Great Kudos have to go to Nathan Brown and Michelle Holley for contacting different employers in the area.  They took on a really large task with humor and good cheer.  Thank you both for helping out so to make the Job Fair a success!


It's Sunday, so the new week of filling out the form can begin.

Remember, even if you did not search, you should do the weekly claim.  For instance, I was doing lots of volunteer work this past week and did not directly contact any employers, so I will still file a claim but have to say that I was not actively looking for work.  Hmmm, even though for a lot of it I was helping creating a Job Fair?

And this week, I will be on a Boy Scout trip until Thursday.  So, obviously not looking by their rules.  (Because obviously in these days of tele-presence, you have to be in the same city as the employer. Can't contact remotely.  ;-)    It means I won't get the unemployment pay for those two weeks, but that is okay with me.  I just don't want to wait on the phone again for an hour to restart my Claim processes.


Members, please keep filling in the survey!   Very good comments and data coming in.  It is nice to see that more than we had hoped have found new jobs, although seems like a common theme is that the pay or benefits are less. 

Also, how few followups came from the June 1 Job Fair. 

The survey link is available only to group members, and we will post the final results here on August 22.

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