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Monday, October 31, 2016

Mid-point in Eliminati Global Survey

A brief update to our members and those interested in our Global Survey.
These are some preliminary results as we reach the mid-point of the survey period.
  • 32% so far have found new positions, but another 38% have not.
  • Some people had new jobs within 2 weeks after leaving; those are unusual cases.  On average, most people are taking over 6 months to find a new position.
  • About 10% of the respondents have officially retired.  
  • The bulk left in June 2016.
  • The bulk were in the 50-59 age group
  • Although the bulk of respondents have been from the USA, we have also heard globally from Russia, UK, India, Israel, Mexico and even Hong Kong.
  • The pressures to take the Voluntary Severance Packages (VSP) were quite high, and most left so they could get the best deal possible before more layoffs occurred.  In a few cases of altruism, they said they hoped their leaving would help those left behind keep their jobs!
  • Dealing with Unemployment is still a big issue.  Some people assume they do not qualify, even though they never checked. We continue to encourage them to check.  Even VSP are eligible in many cases.

  • And most report that even though they may not have jobs yet, they are happier and less stressed than before.

On a scale of 1..10, 10 being highest

We will have more detailed analysis after the survey closes next week.

The survey is for former and even current members of Intel.

If you still have not taken the survey, you still can until November 5 at http://goo.gl/zX5Ndk

--for PDX-TIE.org, 
Richard Vireday, Moderator, Coach, Coordinator

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