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Sunday, October 23, 2016

6 months since Intel 2016 layoffs started


The week of October 24 marks a sort of 6-month anniversary, when Intel began it's round of 2016 layoffs.

Since that time members of The Intel Eliminati, a support group of ex-workers both Voluntary and Involuntary, have been having meetups and many online discussions, helped organize a Job Fair, and launched a public website to share with others the hard won knowledge they have gained, www.pdx-tie.org.

Some members have found jobs, even switching careers.   Some have fully retired or are creating new companies.  But most are still looking, and having a hard time finding jobs, even in low unemployment areas.  There are multiple applicants for every job, even in high tech sectors like IT and Software.


The Eliminati want to find out how more of the laid off workers are doing, and is going Global in reach.   We continue to be contacted by former co-workers in other cities and countries, who have been setting up their own Meetups.  So there is more support available for people to help deal with this change to their careers and goals.

If you are a former or even current worker for Intel, take the Global Survey, at https://goo.gl/IUK3Jk

Results will be published on the public website, www.pdx-tie.org.

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