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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Does Intel Corp. PR Hype Truly Compensate For These Facts?

Under the leadersheep (...!) of Intel Corp. CEO Brian Krzanich, the number of PR conferences and press releases tripled or even quadrupled, compared to the number of same events under all of his predecessors. Although INTC stock has crossed the $50 mark in recent days, the question still remains, whether this stock price is truly based on fact, or perhaps the price inflation is just an artifact of the disproportionately overblown stock market bubble.

The jury is still out; however an interesting article in EE Times entitled:

Intel Needs New Strategies, ASAP

provides very significant facts, adding into the picture necessary to understand the reality of Intel Corp. business growth potential and its long term standing as a player in the highly competitive semiconductor market.

Read the full EE Times article, written by Sang-Yun Lee at this link:

(click on image to enlarge detail)

(click on image to enlarge detail)

(click on image to enlarge detail)

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