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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Equal Employment Opportunity Commision (EEOC) -- Law Enforcement Laws and Executive Orders

As an affected employee in an employment discrimination case you may find yourself swimming in a maze of legal acronyms that are even more convoluted than the ones you encountered during your years of service at Intel Corp. Note that  EEOC law enforcement actions are based upon a collection of executive orders and laws passed by congress. To make some sense of the legal framework associated with employments discrimination I listed references to the actual legal documents, together with the most common acronyms. The links provided below are organized in historical order. Click on each link to review the relevant document.

In addition, there is a series of U.S. Supreme Court decisions that provide guidelines for lower courts in cases involving employment discrimination cases. You can find the most significant ones at this link: EEOC Selected Supreme Court Decisions.

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