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Monday, July 22, 2019

OSCON 2019 - A Quick Trip Report

OSCON 2019 - A Quick Trip Report 

Have to applaud any conference that highlights the two most obviously important local PDX Software landmarks: Powell’s and Voodoo!

Prelude: I have been trying to get to OSCON ever since it started! What with work and life schedules plus bosses more reluctant over the years to pay for any conference it just never worked out. Finally this year I was lucky to get a free Expo only EPP pass, which is good for the last two days and only for the vendor expo, keynotes and a few sessions*. Glad I did, and glad I went.

*On the last days, an EPP badge can get you a special pass from the registration desk to any one of the main sessions. So, find one you like and just ask!

Putting on my SW Developer and DevOps hats, here we go with my personal view.


Clouds. Kubernetes. Web micro services. AI + ML(machine learning). Obviously the main focus points on SW Dev are so web based these days.  Serverless was a new buzzword too, with many meanings but really just means to most developing locally. Got to be an engine or service somewhere to develop/test your apps.

There were a large and diverse topics presented. No papers, but overall in general good slides and talks, at least the ones I attended.

Microsoft, Google, Amazon had big presences here. Surprising ones too like Home Depot!

The show is all I expected and kind of what we'd hoped to evolve PNSQC into when I used to volunteer and attend that.

I hope to go again next year, even just as EPP if necessary.


O'Reilly Learning Center: https://learning.oreilly.com/accounts/login/
One of the offers was to get a 90-day free subscription to their Learning Center. It is not tied to the show, so sign up anytime if you are interested.

Non-Profits were there, including FreeGeek and PDXWIT. I'm intrigued by PDXWIT and will be checking it out further. Group that lets you ask for or be mentors to others.  Nice to have a variety of non-profits, including PLUG, Python, Usenix and other open source related groups.

Vendors with some interesting ideas and products.

A guy from Ping had an interesting talk. I was interested in the identity validation for some of my projects, and they seem to have an interesting product. And he basically outlined in his talk what I've come to view as the standard processes of SW Dev, Deployment and App Architectures.  He has some good demos online to get started.

BTW, he demo'd this Windows 95...running in Electron (JavaScript). Code is on GitHub at https://github.com/felixrieseberg/windows95.  Cool, silly, fun and practical.

Another session covered some of the details of calling Vault to do identity logins.  That is what I really liked about the best sessions.  Covering high level for general knowledge, but then the deep dives into real code. With pointers to follow up later beyond the short time for presenting.  Like this one!

Some more resources becoming available in the AI realm. Lots of warnings too about learning biases, and the current limits of AI.

Conference floor was busy between sessions. Small but good SWAG! (-:

Test your cmdline skills against a collection of games, on an Arcade console.  BTW, I ranked #4 for Bash. My mind blanked a bit, probably because it was just the cmds and you couldn't do args and pipes! Like t='du -a -k | sort -rn  | more' and a=pushd, b=popd  -- being aliases I quickly put into a new .bashrc.  Mind just >/dev/null! 

You also got extra points for ones that were common to any of bash, Python and Javascript. Like true, false, dir, if, then, else, return, continue, etc.

Again, Serverless buzzword comes up. A session focused more on testing but covered dev tools and setting up.

Lastly, the fun Techtris display in the lobby. Take the appropriate colored stickers on the table for your role (the rows), and apply to the different columns (the tasks). What you do most of the day (4 dot bar),  should do more of (4 square) and want to do more of (4 L).

Rows are colored for Developer/Engineer, Architect, Manager, SW Engineer, Project Manager, etc.

Columns are things like Code/Arch Review, Project Documentation, Coding, Planning, Open Source Contributions, etc.

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  1. Great summary! I, too, attended the conference for the block chain related talks and really enjoyed it. It was well attended by people from all over, great conference swag, presentations and discussions that included social/ethics as well as the technical, and serious attention to the needs of a diverse community. I plan to go again next year.


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